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Most medical specialists do not have the time, and the networks to provide confidential, fast access to the best second opinion referrals worldwide. Word-of-mouth recommendations by trusted family and friends while they are comforting and free of charge, do not usually come with the objective medical expertise required to identify the best possible doctor match for a given problem. Some scenarios where our expertise has been of help:

  • After a transcontinental flight, your intermittent back pain suddenly becomes unbearable. You can’t sleep. You can’t think. You can’t function. You have several important meetings in the next few days. Your orthopedic surgeon in Beijing (or New York, or […]) is hard to reach. When you speak to him, he suggests that you schedule an appointment with the best local specialist to receive a bone scan as well as an epidural injection to relieve the pain. You are on a very tight schedule and need the appointment scheduled for the next morning. But who is the best orthopedic specialist in New York (or Beijing)? How will you get an appointment for the next morning?
  • Your 20 year old son studying at a prestigious overseas university in the UK (or Massachusetts, or East Asia, or […]) is expressing great psychological distress that he cannot clearly explain to you. You are very concerned. Where do you turn for advice?
  • You, the founder and chairman of a large industrial group are diagnosed with an uncommon or complex condition (be it life threatening such as valvular heart disease, severe emotional distress, or a malignancy). Preliminary evaluation by your local hospital physicians in […] comes up with conflicting recommendations. Where can you go next?
  • Your mother is 81 years old and living in […]. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. You are looking for the best doctor to review the diagnosis and make recommendations for treatment.
  • A young doctor that you have consulted at an international hospital in […] immediately recommends plastic surgery for your wife who has had difficulty breathing through the nose for years. She and you would like to avoid surgery if possible and are looking for the best doctor to get a second opinion.