Headaches amongst pool players.

Headache. 2007 Feb;47(2):270-4. Related Articles, Links
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Headaches amongst pool players.

Seet RC, Chan YH, Lim EC.

Division of Neurology, National University Hospital, Singapore.

BACKGROUND: Pool-players’ headache is a newly described entity. We studied the prevalence and risk factors for the development of headaches amongst pool players. METHODS: We obtained demographic information, history of pre-existing headaches, frequency and duration of pool-playing, history of pre-existing headaches and their subtypes, competitive pool-playing and worsening or development of headaches amongst pool-players at 2 pool centers. Univariate and multivariate analyses were performed and statistical significance was set at P < .05. RESULTS: Two hundred and three players, of mean age 22.6 (SD 7.7 years), participated in this study. Of the 21 respondents who reported headaches when playing pool, 11 (52.4%) had pre-existing headaches and 10 (47.6%) had no pre-existing headaches. Age and history of pre-existing headaches were significantly associated with worsening of headaches. CONCLUSION: Pool-players are susceptible to the development of headaches. Avoidance and reduction in the frequency of pool-playing may reduce the frequency of headaches amongst pool players.

PMID: 17300367 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]