Is Concierge Medicine The Correct Choice For You?

Interesting Forbes article.

As the ObamaCare law is phased in, health policy experts predict a growing physician shortage. Although ObamaCare did not create this shortage, it will worsen the problem.

Many doctors are responding to the new law by retiring early or reducing their hours in what the American Medical Association describes as a “silent exodus.” The Wall Street Journal reports an expected shortfall of 60,000 physicians in 2015 and 90,000 by 2020 (roughly 10-15% of practicing physicians), even as millions of newly-insured patients enter the system. As a result, patients will endure longer waits for doctor appointments. Meanwhile because of declining reimbursements, primary care physicians be forced see as many patients as possible each day in hurried 10-15 minute appointments, simply to make ends meet.”




About Fifth Avenue Concierge Medicine, PLLC:

Fifth Avenue Concierge Medicine, PLLC provides comprehensive, confidential health concierge, advisory and referral services to select individuals and families.

We draw on a network of eminent clinicians and researchers who are exceptionally devoted to ensuring patient health, privacy, and comfort. In the changing landscape of modern medicine, our forward-thinking commitment is to unite the time-honored, traditional medical doctor’s mandate to protect those in need of care with the ultimate in personalized service.