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Managing risk

You and your family are among the select few who can choose from any product, amenity, or medical service. Yet you may still become entangled in a health care system and its bureaucratic overlay. Certain aspects of modern medical care may not be obvious, and they may affect your well-being and the quality of your medical care. Fifth Avenue Concierge Medicine, PLLC helps you understand these.

What follows are some (perhaps obvious) truths. Managing your risk means understanding these.

  • The “best” health care, or the “best” hospital, does not exist – such claims are pure advertising. Rather, there are centers of excellence depending on which specific doctors (and nurses) work there. Not infrequently, you will find variability even within such centers.
  • Limitations of choice in some countries, regions, or facilities can affect all aspects of your medical care, from prevention to diagnosis, to treatment. Also:

Third-party interests may run counter to your personal health and wellness objectives:

  • Reimbursement and regulatory processes may attempt to incentivize medical professionals to service outside interests.
  • Time-honored, effective medications that have a known risk-benefit record may be overlooked once their patent protection, and thus profitability, has expired.
  • Some novel treatments may be primarily market-driven, designed for and tested under conditions very different from yours.
  • New, life-saving developments may take 7-10 years to become publicly available. As a patient, you may not benefit from advances in medical science in a timely manner, or may be unnecessarily exposed to potentially hazardous treatments.

Our core mission is to protect, and to enhance your most valuable asset: Your health. As a Fifth Avenue Concierge Medicine, PLLC client, you benefit from our unique expertise in providing personalized, innovative, value-add solutions to your health and wellness needs.